Miichsoft SciCal 1.0 Manual

0. Contents

1. Overview
1. Numeric Keypad
2. Basic Math Operations
3. Edit Functions
4. View The Result
5. Insert the Ans Variable
6. Brackets
7. Scientific Functions
8. The Variables Manager
9. Angle Modes
10. Fraction Conversion
11. Change View Mode
12. History
13. Term Edit Box
14. Result Box
2 The Variables Manager
1. Storing Values
2. Recalling Variables
3. Error Codes
4. Credits
5. License
1. General
2. Copyright
3. Limitation of liability
4. High risk activity
5. Non Warranty
6. Passing on this software
6. Contact Miichsoft



1. Overview

1   Numeric Keypad
2   Basic Math Operations
3   Edit Functions
4   View The Result
5   Insert the Ans Variable
6   Brackets
7   Scientific Functions
8   The Variables Manager
9   Angle Modes
10   Fraction Conversion
11   Change View Mode
12   History
13   Term Edit Box
14   Result Box







(1) Numeric Keypad

You can use this numeric keypad like the one on your keyboard. The "Exp" button allows you to insert values in exponential notation. E.g.: "2.3e2" becomes 230.


(2) Basic Math Operations

Basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or divison are located here.


(3) Edit Functions

The "Del" button behaves like the backspace or delete key on your keyboard. If there are characters right from the cursor it first deletes these. If there are none it deletes the characters on the left side.


(4) View The Result

Pressing this button calculates the result of the term entered in the (13) Term Edit Box and displays it in in (14) Result Box. If an error occures while calculating the term's result, the specific error code is displayed instead of a result. See also Error Codes.


(5) Insert The Ans Variable

If you want to use the result of the previous calculation in your current term you haven't to copy and paste it. You can just insert the Ans variable by pressing this key. The Ans variable always contains the latest calculation result.


(6) Brackets

This buttons insert brackets in your term.



(7) Scientific Functions



This function is similar to the normal root funtion. The 'x' specifies the radikand and 'y' the grade of the root.
E.g.: if you want to calculate you just type "8^(1/3)".



Calculates the reciprocal of the value 'x'. E.g.: "2^(-1) = 0.5".



Calculates 'x' raised by 'y'. E.g.: "2^3 = 8".



Calculates the square of 'x'. E.g.: "3^2 = 9".



Calculates the cubic of 'x'. E.g.: "2^3 = 9".



Calculates the logarithm of a value based to 10. E.g.: "log(100) = 2".



Calculates the sine of a value. E.g.: "sin(90) = 1"
Info: This function depends on the angle mode settings.



Calculates the cosine of a value. E.g.: "cos(90) = 0".
Info: This function depends on the angle mode settings.



Calculates the tangent of a value. E.g.: "tan(45) = 1".
Info: This function depends on the angle mode settings.



Calculates the arcsine of a value. E.g.: "asin(1) = 90"
Info: This function depends on the angle mode settings.



Calculates the arccosine of a value. E.g.: "acos(0) = 90".
Info: This function depends on the angle mode settings.



Calculates the arctangent of a value. E.g.: "atan(1) = 45".
Info: This function depends on the angle mode settings.



The signum function returns "-1" for all negative values, "1" for all positive values and "0" when entering "0".
E.g.: "sgn(-234) = -1", "sgn(47) = 1", "sgn(0) = 0"



Calculates the absolute value. E.g.: "abs(-34) = 34", "abs(25) = 25".



(8) The Variables Manager

Miichsoft SciCal supports to store values in variables and later to recall them later. You can store a value by pressing "Sto". A variable can be recalled with the "Use" button. For more information read the Variables Manager description.


(9) Angle Modes

The calculator supports three angle modes. These affect all trigonometric functions.

Mode Description Example
Deg Degree 90°
Rad Radian π/2
Gra Grade 100


(10) Fraction Conversion

Pressing this button converts the decimal result displayed in (14) Result Box into a fraction. E.g.: "1.25" becomes "5 / 4". If the value cannot be converted, nothing happens.


(11) Change View Mode

This button opens a menu where you can select how the results are to be displayed in the (14) Result Box. You can choose from the following:

Mode Description Meaning of the value Example Value Example Output
Norm normal decimal numbers maximum digits to print 5 52.635
Sci scientific mode number of valid digits 2 5.3e1
Fix fixed decimal digits digits behind the decimal point 1 52.6


(12) History

This button opens a menu where you can see all terms and their results entered earlier. By selecting an element in the list, the specific term is recalled and is displayed in the (13) Term Edit Box. The term's result is automatically been displayed in the (14) Result Box. The number of terms stored in the history is limited to 10. When the list is full, the oldest elements are overwritten.


(13) Term Edit Box

The term you want to calculate is entered here.


(14) Result Box

A term's result is displayed here, after pressing the (4) View The Result button. If an error occures the specific error code is displayed instead of the result.


2. The Variables Manager

1. Storing Values

To store a value in a variable for later use first press the "Sto" button in the calculator window. This brings up the Variables Manager which is shown above. Now enter a name for the new variable or enter the name of an existing variable. If you do so, a new value will be attached to the existing variable. The Value Box should already contain the result of the last calculation. If you want to store another value just enter it here. When you have entered all needed information just press "Store" and your variable is available.
Info: Some variables may have a 'C' before the value. That means they are constant and cannot be overwritten with a new value.


2. Recalling Variables

To use a variable click on the "Use" button in the SciCal main window. This will exactly as "Sto", bring up the Variables Manager with the difference that now the "Name" and "Value" fields are disabled cause you don't need them. To recall a variable just select it in the list and then press "Use". The Variable will be inserted on the current cursor pos.


3. Error Codes

The meaning of the calculator's error messages are listed here:

Error Code

-1 Invalid Element
-2 Invalid Possition
-3 Unknown Element
-4 Invalid Name
-5 Unknown String
-6 Null Pointer
-7 Bracket Error
-8 Empty String
-9 Unable To Run Function
-10 Function Syntax Error
-11 Term Empty
-12 Invalid Term
-13 Invalid Variable
-14 Invalid Angle Mode
-15 Invalid Printing Mode
-16 Empty Brackets
-17 Math Error
-18 Constant Variable
-19 Cannot Convert Fraction
-20 Unknown Error


4. Credits

Produced by MichaelWürtinger [Programmer, Designer] and Florian Buchmeier [Designer, Quallity Assurance, Beta Tester].
Using the Miichsoft Math Parser Library.


5. License


You must accept this license agreements if you are using or installing this software! If you do NOT agree you are not allowed to use the software in any way!


Copyright 2003 by Michael Würtinger. All rights reserved.

3.Limitation of liability

Miichsoft (Michael Würtinger) will never be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the use or the inability to use this product, including any conceivably damage without any limitation, including damages for loss of goodwill, stoppage of work, computer failure or malfunction, or any other damages.

4.High Risk Activity

This Software is not fault-tolerant and is not designed, manufactured or intended for use in hazardous environments, in which the failure of this product could lead directly to death, personal injury, or severe physical or environmental damage. You are not allowed to use this software in such environments, if you do so, Miichsoft (Michael Würtinger) is not liable in any way for any damage which occurs. This includes the calculation results, which could be incorrect!

5.Non Warranty

This product is delivered as-is, we do NOT ensure that this software works on your computer. If you have any problems using this software you can write to the support mail address but we do NOT ensure that we’ll write you any answer.

6.Passing on this software

You can and should give it to anybody you know. However you are NOT allowed to modify this software or a part of it in any way. (see point 2)


6. Contact Miichsoft

For more information you can visit our website http://www.miichsoft.de.

Or write a mail to: info@miichsoft.de












© Miichsoft 2003